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Q. How do your Gift Cards work? 

A. Our online Gift Cards are electronic Gift Cards.  We do not send a physical card.  The Gift Card amount is deposited into your store account.  To send the Gift Card to a friend, you click the "Send to a Friend" link that will display on your My Account page and Shopping Cart page.

Once you send the Gift Card, the recipient you specify will get an e-mail message with the Gift Card code and how to redeem the funds.

Q. Are your electronic Gift Cards secure?

A. Yes, we use SSL connections and any funds deposited to the Gift Card account will be secure for you to use or send to a friend.

Q. How do I send a Gift Card to someone?

A. First you purchase a Gift Card in the amount you wish to send.

Then you go to your My Account page on the Tackle Experts online store.  Click the link "Send to a Friend" in the Gift Card Balance section at the top.

Fill out the information on the send page and click the Continue button.  Review the information, then click the Send button.

The recipient will get an e-mail with the Gift Card information.

Q. How do I use a Gift Card?

A. To use a Gift Card, you must redeem the funds or have the Gift Card code.  To redeem the funds, use the link that is sent on the Gift Card e-mail message.  You must first create an online account if you do not already have one.

To use the funds without redeeming them, you can use the Gift Card code during checkout.  Simply enter the code on the payment page, and click the Redeem button.

Your Gift Card amount will be subtracted from the total of your order.

Q. Can I order more items than my Gift Card balance will pay for?

A. Yes, simply add as many items as you want to buy to your shopping cart, then on the payment page, check the box stating you wish to use your Gift Card, and then enter in a credit card to pay for the amount that will be in excess of your Gift Card balance.

Q. Is there a time limit on how fast I need to use the Gift Card funds?

A. There is not a time limit on Gift Card funds.

Q. What if I lost my Gift Card e-mail or did not get the message?

A. Simply contact us via e-mail or telephone and we can give you the Gift Card code.

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