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Jackall Wacky-Jig Head

Jackall  Wacky-Jig Head


The Jackall Wacky-Jig Head was designed to be fished exclusively with the Flick Shake Worm. The technique, which comes from Japan, is known as "Flick Shakin". Designed to create a deadly presentation on the fall, the The Jackall  Wacky-Jig Head features a tungsten weight allowing the bait to sink faster creating a unique action with the small profile weight. Set at a 90 degree angle, the eye of the jighead allows the for more hookups! Thie Jacakall Wacky-Head is weedless and comes in 3 different light weight sizes and features an ultra-sharp Gamakatsu hook. When the bite gets tough, dont thnk finese. Think Wacky!

Available in 1/8, 3/32, and 1/16 oz sizes.

4 Pack
3 Pack
3 Pack


Size   Price Qty
1/16oz Out Stock  $6.99 
3/32oz Out Stock  $6.99 
1/8oz Out Stock  $6.99 


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Jackall Wacky-Jig Head

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