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Power Pro is smoother, thinner, stronger, and super resistant to abrasion. Power Pro is a monifilment based braided fishing line. If you're looking to punch heavy cover, throw topwater frog in the slop, or take on the meanest of bushes and laydowns this line is for you. Power Pro is the smoothest casting, easiest to use superline on the market, period. Unequalled sensitivity and hook setting power lets you feel the smallest strikes and set the hook with confidence. Power Pro works great on conventional or spinning reels.

Which PowerPro line is right for me?
Light Tackle Applications
Select a PowerPro line similar in diameter to the monofilament you normally use. For example, if you typically choose 8-lb. monofilament for applications, you would want 30-lb. PowerPro.
Heavy Tackle Applications
If you normally fish using monofilament or Dacron lines of 50-lb. test or greater, select a PowerPro line of the same test.

  • Longer, Smoother Casts
  • Better Handling on any Reel
  • Superior Knot Performance
  • Resists Burying in the Spool
  • Near Zero Stretch
  • Awesome Strength
    1 Pack

    Moss Green
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    5lb In Stock  $13.99 
    10lb In Stock  $14.99 
    15lb In Stock  $14.99 
    20lb In Stock  $14.99 
    30lb In Stock  $14.99 
    40lb Out Stock  $14.99 
    50lb Low Stock  $14.99 
    65lb In Stock  $17.99 
    80lb In Stock  $20.99 
    Hi-Vis Yellow
    Size   Price Qty
    4lb Out Stock  $17.95 
    5lb In Stock  $13.99 
    8lb In Stock  $13.99 
    10lb Out Stock  $14.99 
    15lb Out Stock  $14.99 


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