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Sunline Reaction FC

Sunline Reaction FC


Sunline Reaction FC is a fluorocarbon line designed specifically for reaction baits, such as spinnerbaits, crankbaits, rattlebaits and vibrating jigs.  Reaction FC is made from a new, softer, high strength fluorocarbon material. When combined with the manufacturing process this material creates a line that is very flexible and stress free.  Compared to traditional fluorocarbon these features allow Reaction FC to handle better on a reel and cast farther.  Reaction FC is formulated to have more stretch than other Sunline fluorocarbons which increases landing percentages of fish caught with reaction baits.  Reaction FC, has a double resin processing that gives the line outstanding slickness for better casting.  With a high specific gravity of 1.78 Reaction FC helps get your crankbaits to their maximum depth.  Reaction FC is dyed stealth gray to help it be even more invisible in any water color.

# Test Yards Diameter
8lb. 200 0.0093"
10lb. 200 0.0102"
12lb. 200 0.0112"
14lb. 200 0.0122"
16lb. 200 0.0130"




200 Yards

Camouflage Stealth Gray
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10lb Low Stock  $21.99 
12lb Low Stock  $21.99 
14lb Out Stock  $21.99 
16lb In Stock  $21.99 


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Sunline Reaction FC

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