G. Loomis E6X Casting Rods



Feature fast tapers for accuracy, control and power for more positive hooksets with less effort. Extensive range of power-ratings for fishing virtually any size soft plastics baits and jig/trailer combinations. E6X graphite allows us to maintain strength with less material to reduce overall weight and improve balance!

E6X “technique-specific” rods feature very precise tapers and power-ratings designed for the exact technique required. They have split-grip handle configurations, Fuji guides, a flashy, “loud & proud” Skeleton Fish logo with subtle black guide wraps. Techy yet aggressive in a way that should appeal to any angler. The key is the swingweight. Whether you’re pitching a jig or drop-shotting, these rods should be fished “tip up” so weight distribution is critical. If you’re fishing a spinnerbait or a crankbait, those are normally fished “tip down” so we’ve taken that into consideration as well. We’ve spent hundreds of hours on the water testing and perfecting these actions so you’ll be successful no matter which technique you choose. They’re exceptionally light, accurate, powerful and sensitive and we make every single one of them right here in our Woodland, Washington factory, cutting no corners, leaving nothing to chance. You want G.Loomis performance? You get that and more with E6X.

• Hand-crafted in Woodland, Washington
• The E6X blank material is a fusion of high performing proprietary G. Loomis materials with low resin content, reduced scrim, and a higher ratio of high strain rate carbon fiber (means less weight and more strength).
• Multi-taper technology allows us to create the most precise action and flex for the intended application. We are able to produce a blank with a minimal amount of material and weight to create a rod with the best action, high sensitivity, and proper balance.
• Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides and Fuji reel seats

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803 Jig Worm, 812C Spinnerbait, 843C Crankbait, 843C MBR (Mag Bass), 844C MBR (Mag Bass), 845C Crankbait, 893C Jig Worm, 894C Jig Worm