Big Bite Bait Shaking Squirrel


The shaking squirrel was patient by Jeff Kriet along time ago,  revolutionize these baits on drop shot. worms like roboworms and other imitations came along but nothing was like the big bite baits shaking squirrel. With its floating tail how it would suspend from the bottom was something the bass hasn’t seen awhile. Bass Fishing has changed over the years and there’s always something new coming out and you have to keep one step ahead of the fish. These worms are the best when the bite is tough! super fineness, and really durable. you won’t be sorry if you ever tried big bite baits Shaking Squirrel.


The Shaking Squirrel was made for drop shotting. Made from our softest plastic formula, it puts out incredible, lifelike action in the water that tempts even the most wary bass. Try it the next time the bite is tough. These things are made to catch fish, drop shotting and finesse fishing has been really popular the last few years and has produce a lot of check cashing on the major circuits. With the neko rig and the high and low rigs really showing up and shining some people forget about the Shaking Squirrel. These worms have proven time and time again that they catch fish grab you bag today.

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Bold Gill /Chartreuse, Oxblood Red Metal Flake, Earthworm, Green Pimpkin, Ayu, Bold Gill, Kiret Magic, Watermelon Red Flake, Hologram, Watermelon Red Flake


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