NetBait Paca Punch


The all-new NetBait Paca Punch features a stream-lined, oval shaped body that is perfect for punching through thick vegetation.  Once below the canopy, the patented NetBait claws deliver an action and presentation that bass can’t resist.  The Paca Punch claws also create a helicopter effect on the fall.  This allows the Paca Punch to have a slow descent and increases your time in the strike zone.  This bait is a perfect flipping and pitching bait, it also works great on a Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, as well as a jig trailer.  The NetBait Paca Punch is available in a range of proven NetBait colors.

5 Colors Available

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Alabama Craw, Coosa Special, Okeechobee Craw, Summer Craw, Toledo Special