Berkley PowerBait Chigger Quad


The Berkley Power Bait Chigger Quad has a new action on a proven bait that takes it to a new level.  With the Chigger Quad you still get the craw-flapping action but now even better with the new big double tails.  Add that with the never-stop crazy legs in the middle, big bass will can’t resist. Inpregnated with the famous Berkley Powerbait scent and soft texture,the Berkley Chigger Quad is great for Texas rigging around cover, or even Carolina rigging on deeper banks or open water.  It also makes for a plus sized jig trailer with uebelievable action.

One Size: 4″
Available in 10 Colors

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Black Red Fleck, Sapphire Blue, Watermelon Candy