Big Bite Baits Flying Squirrel


The Big Bite Baits Jeff Kriet Flying Squirrel is the second bait in the Kriet Squirrel Tail family adding another finesse choice to the Jeff Kriet line of signature baits. The Flying Squirrel is built on a thin body that will give the bait great action when shaking, and add to that, 2 floating tail section legs that stand up giving the bait action in the water even when sitting still. The new Flying Squirrel will be a welcome addition to all the shaky head fishermen.  The Flying Squirrel is being billed as a hybrid finesse creature bait; but looking at this bait, it can be rigged and fished in a number of different ways from flipping heavy cover to deepwater rocks finesse fished Shakey Head.  The Flying Squirrel comes in 10 top Big Bite fish catching colors.

Available in 7 colors

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