Zoom Brush Hog



The Original “Creature Bait” The Zoom Brush Hog is 6″ in size and with large wing like appendages, falls slowly into the strike zone. The double tail emits a vibration that entices fish, even in murky water. Each is salt impregnated for extra bite-holding power. Often used on a Texas or Carolina rig these baits are versatile in any condition anytime of the year. Want something different for flipping? Try flipping a Zoom Brush Hog down a row of bushes. The large profile creature bait offers an XL meal for Big Bass. There are plastic baits, and then there are Zoom baits — the difference is undeniable. Want proof? Just take a peek into your favorite tournament angler’s tackle box and start counting the Zoom bags. For those who lay it on the line every time out, there can be no other choice. Every Zoom soft plastic bait is wholly realistic, super-soft to the touch (for the extra action needed to pull that reluctant money fish), salt-impregnated to hold even the most tentative bite.

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Green Pumpkin Green, Green Pumpkin Red, Black Ruby, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Seed, Watermelon Red, Blackberry, Green Pumpkin Blue, Plum Apple, Gooseberry, Sprayed Grass, California 420, Red Bug, Watermelon Candy


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