Yamamoto 4″ Single Tail Grub


The Yamamoto 4″ Single Tail Grub is a classic style grub that has been around for years in bass angler’s tackle boxes. One of the most versatile baits on the market and can catch fish in many conditions and can be rigged in a number of ways. Fish it by itself on a jig head or on the back of a spinnerbait, buzzbait, or bladed jig for added action. Also it works great as a trailer for swimming a jig around shallow cover, impersonating a fleeing baitfish. Comes loaded with salt like all Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits

23 Available Colors

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Blue Pearl/Black & Hologram, Blue Pearl/Silver Flake, Brown Grape W/Black Flake, Chartruese w/Black Flake, Cinnamon Blue Flake, Cinnamon Brown/No Flake, Cinnamon W/Black Flake, Cinnamon/Black & Purple Flake, Clear/Black & Red Flake, Luminous White, Motoroil w/LG Black Flake, Pumpkin w/Black & Green, Smoke Pearl Blue, Smoke w.LG Black Flake, Smoke w/LG Blue Flake, Smoke w/LG Silver Flake, Smoke/Red & Black Flake, Watermelon Black Flake 194J, Watermelon w/Black & Red Flake, Watermelon w/Black Flake