Strike King Pro Model Series 5


If your looking for a great little crankbait for fall fishing, or crappie fishing. This is the lure your looking for. Strike King Crankbaits has always been and always will be the most popular crankbait on the water. With of massive selection of colors and styles you cant go wrong with this series. You know these crankbaits are back by several pros. you can always trust strike king crankbaits to get the job done.


A medium-sized body with a medium wobble and medium buoyancy, The Series 5 has a 2° diving plane to allow for lengthened casts and deeper depths!


  • 2 degree diving plane
  • Free floating rattles
  • 3-D eyes
  • Medium wobble
  • Dives to 10’+
  • 5/8oz

These Strike King Crankbaits have always been a stable in the bass fishing world. With there amazing line of crankbaits, they have always been able to catch fish. There medium wobble, and they are very buoyancy, and they have the best presentation in a crankbait series. With there realistic model paint jobs and there 3ds eyes. you will never ever go wrong with the crankbaits.

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TN Shad, Blue Back Chart, Summer Sexy Shad, Rootbeer, Chart Green Back, Gizzard Shad, Pearl Black Splatter Chart Belly, Chart Perch, Chart Sexy Shad, Sexy BBH, Chart Black Back, Powder Blue Back Chart


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