Tightlines UV ZB Hy-Brid


Tightlines UV recently added FLW Rookie of the Year Zack Birge to their list of growing professionals that includes FLW Angler of the Year Scott Martin and Ultimate Match Fishing and Reel in the Outdoors host Joe ThomasZack Birge and Tightlines UV teamed up to create the ZB HY-Brid whisker bait, a craw with the patented UV technology and UV Whiskers.  The whiskers on this bait give it a presentation to bass that “flares out” infront of their face! Great for bedding bass, shallow cover, or you can add it to the back of a jig for a bulkier presentation.  The UV Techonlogy that is poured into each bait allows theZB HY-Brid to absord UV light rather than reflect it. Making this bait standout 4-7 times more than any other bait.

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Blue Black Blue Tip Tiger, Blue/Black Chart. Tip Tiger, Blue/Black Purple Tip Tiger, Blue/Black Purple Tip Tiger, Green Pumpkin Black Green, Green Pumpkin PBJ, Okechobee Blue Tip, Okeechobee Lt Blue Green, Texas Red Black Red Tip, Watermelon Red Black Red Tip, Watermelon Red Purple Tip